Our mission

Our Transportation Department Mission is to provide, for the students of Northside Independent School District who are eligible to ride the bus, with the safest transportation possible between school and home and during extra curricular activities.

Our fleet

Our over 890 buses are a healthy mix fueled by diesel, propane, and/or unleaded fuel (some of our buses are fueled by both propane and unleaded gas). This creates a diverse bus fleet structure that mitigates possible national fuel supply changes.

  • 55% propane

    Using propane as a cleaner-burning fuel has significantly reduced bus maintenance costs. We have been recognized by the U.S. Department of Energy’s Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy with a Clean Cities National Partner Award.

  • 35% diesel

    Our diesel buses use new “low sulfur” or “green” diesel fuels that comply with Federal Clean Air Standards.

  • 10% bi-fuel

    These buses have two tanks onboard—one for propane and one for unleaded gasoline.

Our people

Our more than 1,000 employees transport over 67,000 students every day. Northside's “three tier transportation system” consists of staggered start and dismissal times at each elementary, middle and high school to serve the maximum number of students possible per bus.

Our stations

Bus code Station Address Phone
C Culebra Station 7001 Culebra Rd., Building 5
Map & Directions
(210) 397-0275
N North Station 6323 W. Hausman Rd
Map & Directions
(210) 397-0850
R Rhodes Station 12005 Leslie Rd.
Map & Directions
(210) 397-0900
S South Station 435 Hunt Lane
Map & Directions
(210) 397-0250
W McClung Station 14173 Old FM 471
Map & Directions
(210) 398-1550

School bus safety zones