From Vision to Reality: NAHS Tech Expo

By Alvaro Gomez

Two teachers at Northside Alternative High School Tech Expo. At the right side of the photo are thumbnail images of teachers using technology.Since becoming principal of Northside Alternative High School (NAHS), Dr. Darrell Rice has worked to lay the foundation for transforming NAHS into a school that ensures student success in not only academics, but in life as well. NAHS teachers have committed themselves to the vision by creating beliefs that have driven them to successful action.

Northside Alternative HS Tech ExpoAmong their many beliefs, one of them is that effective digital rich learning environments have great impact on student learning. Early on, they realized that their belief would require a commitment of learning a new skill-set. While other campuses may be resistant to change, NAHS teachers embraced iTeach and several extended their learning to seized academic technology’s potential in order to prepare their students for success. On March 7th, NAHS opened its campus to NISD leadership to showcase the progress they have made toward their vision and beliefs.

Northside Superintendant Brian Woods at the Alternative High School Tech ExpoFifteen teachers presented lessons to their students during class while superintendents, principals, curriculum specialists, and instructional support teachers observed. The academic technology that was showcased varied and was a good representation of the 21st-Century Teaching skill-set the teachers have built up. Teachers presented lessons on apps such as EDpuzzle, Nearpod, Quizizz, Padlet, Pixton, Printing Press, QR Code reader, and Tour Builder using tools such as TI-Nspire Navigator, iPads, and Chromebooks. The teachers at NAHS are a fantastic example of what a faculty with a strong commitment to their students can accomplish as well as what a vision can do for long lasting transformational change into the digital age.