Using Google Classroom

By Matthew Garrett

We have seen a lot of articles on Google Classroom on here lately. Why is that? Well, Google classroom is an easy way for teachers to share and receive information and assignments. One log in and students have access to their assignments, tools, and teammates. Gone are the days when a group of students have to huddle around one machine. No more clicking through folder after folder to save. Google Classroom builds the folder structure in the background so students can focus on content.

At Helotes Elementary, for example, Principal Ronda Johnson is using a Google classroom as a way to keep her staff connected. The staff shares out personal successes and uses it as a forum for thanking each other. Mrs. Johnson occasionally gives assignments to her teachers, allowing them to reflect on the importance of teaching.

This modeling has motivated many of her teachers to start using Google Classroom as well. Teachers from fifth grade to first grade are using it. The kindergarten teachers have plans to start using it with their students after winter break.    

Google Apps strive to make things easier for the teacher.  Are you willing to accept the help?