I am Pupil Personnel Proud


...because we offer guidance and support in the areas of student admissions, student attendance, and student discipline.

...because we serve as a resource to internal and external customers.

...because we engage in meaningful conversations and problem-solving with students and the families.

...because we apply discipline the way it is meant to be: as an educational tool.

...because we engage in meaningful conversations and problem-solving with school administrators and campus personnel.

...because we are active contributors to ensuring a safe school environment throughout the district.

...because we apply the student code of conduct with compassion and dignity.

...because we apply truancy prevention and intervention measures to promote student success.

...because we communicate and collaborate with school staff in the areas of discipline and attendance in the best interest of the students.

...because we believe in an individualistic personalized approach in addressing student discipline and attendance concerns.

...because we treat people the way we would like to be treated when addressing difficult situations.

...because we are educators at heart in everything we do.

...because we develop and restore relationships.