Power of Attorney (POA)

A REQUEST FOR A POWER OF ATTORNEY MUST BE APPROVED AND PROCESSED THROUGH THE DEPARTMENT OF PUPIL PERSONNEL @ 5900 EVERS ROAD, BUILDING D. Please note that during the summer and through the first six-weeks of the school year, we process POAs by appointment only because of the increased volume.

As a requirement of law, only a biological parent, court-appointed legal guardian, or other person with legal control of the child shall enroll a student into a public school district. If a person wishing to enroll a child and the person is not the parent of the child, the person will be required to obtain an NISD Power of Attorney (POA) document which allows the parent to extend their parental rights, to include care, custody and control of the student, to the guardian for educational purposes, health care, and general welfare.

When a person requests a Power of Attorney, the person is attesting that:

  1. The child lives with the person and spends the night at the person’s residence Sunday through Thursday.
  2. The person’s name will appear as the primary point of contact on school records to include the AGR Card and the child’s Medical Card. As such, the person will be contacted in case of an emergency.
  3. The person will be available for conferences.
  4. The person will be responsible for the conduct of the child in cases including, but not limited to, truancy, criminal proceedings, and discipline hearings.
  5. The person’s financial information shall be used to determine if the child qualifies for free/reduced meals.

When person(s) sign a notarized Power of Attorney (POA) document, the person(s) are attesting that the information provided is accurate and true. However, if the information is false, person(s) acknowledging may be subject to prosecution.

In cases where the recipient is unable to secure the parent’s signature on the Power of Attorney document at the time the person wishes to enroll the child, the recipient or guardian will be given 30 days in which to obtain and submit the parent’s notarized signature on the POA. Pursuant to the Texas Education Code, failure to do so after 30 days shall result in the school contacting law enforcement agencies to determine if the child has been reported as missing or kidnapped.

The original Power of Attorney document shall be placed in the child’s file and kept at the school. A copy shall be given to the recipient and a copy shall be retained by the Department of Pupil Personnel. Once approved, the POA is valid until it is revoked by either party, a school official, or when the student no longer resides with the person granted the POA.

Any questions regarding Northside ISD’s Power of Attorney Procedure should be directed to the Department of Pupil Personnel @ 397-8695.