Celina and Marina Suarez

Dr. Celina and Dr. Marina Suarez, '99, Pillar(s) of Respect. Identical twins, Celina and Marina Suarez went together from Trinity University to Temple University (Philadelphia) before landing in Utah where, with funding provided by the Discovery Channel, they discovered and excavated a previously unfound dinosaur (and later earned doctoral degrees in geology from the University of Kansas.)The 125-million-year-old birdlike, 2-legged meat-eating dinosaur was subsequently named Geminiraptor suarezarum in honor of the twins. Dr. Marina Suarez is now an Asst. Professor at UTSA, and Celina Suarez is a National Science Foundation Postdoctoral fellow at Boise State University. They attended Boone and Thornton Elementaries, Rudder Middle School, and Marshall High School in NISD.

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John Marshall High School
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