Mentoring Information

1. Mentoring at Northside

The goals of the Northside ISD Mentoring programs are to: Foster school/business partnerships that help students become successful learners, Provide positive role models for students, Continue to build self-esteem / self-confidence in students, Enhance student's aspirations and motivation so as to be prepared for the world of work, and Incorporate and enhance communication and collaboration with the school and the business world.

2. What is mentoring?

Members of the community are matched with students to provide a positive role model in a one-on-one relationship. Mentors help improve a student's self esteem and attitude toward learning. 

3. What does at-risk mean?

Students who are at-risk of dropping out of school as a result of socio-economic and academic factors such as slow motivation, poor test scores, high mobility, limited
English proficiency, and single parent households.

4. What is the time commitment?

Mentors meet with their students on a scheduled basis 30 minutes to one hour a week for one school year. Mentoring may take place during the lunch hour or at any time
during the school day.

5. How will Northside ISD prepare me for mentoring?

Mentor orientation sessions are provided at the school campus and run 1 1/2 to 2 hours in length. We believe it is important for mentors to have an understanding of
the District's goals and beliefs, as well as their role in this partnership.

6. Does mentoring require any special skills?

Each session is loosely structured to provide the maximum opportunity for developing student trust. Occasionally, the teacher may ask that you assist in a particular
subject area, however this is not the purpose of the mentoring program. Guidelines and a list of suggested activities will be provided during the orientation. Your life
skills and experiences will provide the rest.

7. Who is eligible to apply?

Everyone is a potential mentor. Students will benefit most by having access to a wide range of individuals and disciplines Personnel at all levels of the corporate
ladder are encouraged to apply.

8. How do I learn more about mentoring?

Call the Partnerships Office at (210) 397-8599.