Family Involvement

Welcome to Mary Burns Michael Elementary's Family Involvement Page!!!

The primary purpose for the Family Involvement Program: To build communication with parents(family members), school staff, and community in order to assist at risk students who are experiencing barriers to success and to build Parent Capacity to participate effectively in school activities. Assists in the development of campus and department planning of parental involvement activities and implement a new program of Parent Workshops based on the Family Frameworks-Communications at Home and School Curriculum (TASB).

The program will begin holding free classes for families! All classes are free! Free food! Free childcare provided during the class times!
Here are the topics:

*Why won't my child listen to me?
*Feeling Heard and Understood?
*Birth Order
*Managing Sibling Rivalry
*Helping Your Angry Child
*Understanding Peer Pressure
*Substance Abuse
*Internet Safety
*Preparing for Parent/Teacher Conference
*Teaching Success by building Character
*Child Obesity
*Disciplining your children
*Parenting the Head Strong Child
*Chores, choices, and bizarre behavior
*Finding balance in stressful lives
*Help! My teen is a Parent too!
*Single Parents
*Blended Families
*Challenges of the Non-Custodial Parent
*Grades and Homework-Who's Job are they?
*Overcoming the Headaches and Hassles of Homework
*Preparing Your Child for Test Taking
*Family Literacy
*Transitioning from Elementary to Middle School
*Transitioning from Middle to High School
*Families of Today and Tomorrow
*Teaching Parents about the 4 x 4
*Understanding Bullying
*Dropout Prevention
*Involved Parents make a Difference
*Staying in Touch and Volunteering


For more information about the district family involvement program please contact Araceli Dominguez at

Araceli G. Dominguez

Family Involvement Specialist


6632 Bandera Rd.

San Antonio, TX 78238


210-522-8108 (fax)