Maintenance: North Maintenance Satelite

Vince Flores, Maintenance North Satellite Manager

(210) 397-4791

Anna Leal, Secretary

(210) 397-4790

Jeremy Deck, Foreman

(210) 397-7617

Jerry Nunneley, Foreman

(210) 397-4792

Paul Garcia, MEP Foreman

(210) 397-4796


Maintenance North is a satellite operation of the Maintenance Department.  We are located at 11933 IH10 West.  It is a fully staffed maintenance shop consisting of -carpenters, electricians, electronic techs, a filter crew, a grass crew, grounds crews, a flooring tech, a locksmith, plumbers, painters, and a mechanic to service our fleet trucks and equipment.  Currently, 44 technicians and support staff report daily to this location. 

Maintenance North has the responsibility to provide maintenance and support to the schools and facilities located in the northern zone of the District’s boundaries.  It cares for the maintenance needs of five high schools, five middles schools, twenty three elementary schools, five specialized schools, two athletic facilities and four support facilities, for a total of 44 campuses.  This amounts to approx. one-third of the District.


The primary justification for Maintenance North is three fold.  (1) Reduce maintenance costs to the District. (2) Relieve congestion and overcrowding at the Mainland Maintenance Complex. (3) Provide better customer service through quicker response, work identification, and scheduled visits to the campuses.


Maintenance North has been fully staffed and operational since the summer of 2008


Our goal is to provide a healthy, safe, learning environment for the students and staff of Northside ISD