Dear Parents and Families of Kallison Elementary,

My name is Billy Navin and it is my privilege and honor to serve as the first Principal of Kallison Elementary.  Over the next few months my goal will be to assemble the best educators possible for what will be an amazing inaugural year.  Kallison Elementary will be a school focused on high academic expectations while addressing the needs of the whole child to include character development as well as enriching experiences.

To give you a little information about myself, I am a product of Northside and graduate of Marshall High School.  I have worked as an Educator in this District now for 17 years.  My wife also attended Northside Schools and is currently working in the District as a Counselor.  My two children attend Northside Schools as well.  My roles have included: PE Teacher, 5th Grade Teacher, Academic Support Teacher, and Administrator.  After receiving my master’s from the University of Texas at San Antonio I served as the Vice Principal at Valley Hi Elementary, as well as Forester Elementary in it’s inaugural year.   I have spent the last six years as the Principal of Esparza Elementary, and even though I will miss the wonderful students, staff and community there, I cannot wait to share this amazing opportunity with you.

If there is one thing I want you to know about me as your new Principal it is that I believe with every ounce of my being that every child can succeed and I know that not all success looks the same.  I have very high expectations for each child, but most of all I believe our first priority is to tap into the the curious nature of children and in making learning fun and applicable to today’s society/workforce.  It is critical that we create 21st century learners and make sure that we are doing everything possible to have our students ready to meet the challenges they will face after they graduate.  

Opening a campus provides us with the incredible responsibility and exciting opportunity to establish traditions that are relevant, meaningful and timeless.  I look forward to meeting each and every one of you and hearing your thoughts on what will make the school experience you have at Kallison Elementary the best you’ve ever had.  My door will always be open to you and please feel free to e-mail me ( with any questions, concerns, or comments you’d like to share with me.




Billy Navin


Kallison Elementary