General Information

Advanced Learning Programs for High Achievers

(ALPHA) is the name of the gifted/talented program in the Northside Independent School District. It is based upon the work of Dr. Joseph Renzulli's concept of "giftedness," which addresses the student's intellectual ability, creativity, and task commitment. Northside Independent School District (Northside ISD) recognizes that all students are entitled to a program of educational experiences which provide opportunities to maximize the development of their capabilities. Parents, community members, and staff are encouraged to be involved in the Gifted/Talented & Enrichment Advisory Council (GTEAC), which meets throughout the school year. It is a wonderful way to contribute to public education and support high ability students. We invite you to attend our meetings and join efforts in helping to advocate for the needs of bright students.


Transfer students:

When a student identified as Gifted/Talented by a previous school district transfers into NISD, the parent/guardian should notify the campus GT specialist of the student’s prior GT status, as well as provide previous testing data and/or contact information for the previous school.  The student’s records shall be reviewed by the campus selection committee to determine if placement in the ALPHA program is appropriate. If the committee does not recommend placement in the ALPHA program, the student may be nominated/referred to undergo the NISD identification process (see Testing tab for more information).