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**Free Video Clips & Mini Movies for Kids Habitat Movie Clips-from DK4
8 Phases of the Moon Habitats- Vernal Pools
Acceleration Movie- Kids Know It Hands On Experiments
All About Animals- KiddyHouse Hurricane Storm Science
Amazon Interactive Infection Detection
American Museum of Natural History Insect Hotlist
Animal Adaptations Investigating Rivers
Animals-Baby Animal Videos Katerpillars & Mystery Bugs
Animal Classification- Kid's Corner
Animal Information
Kids Click Animals
Animal Database- Kid's Planet
Animals- Especies Fact Sheet Kids Zone Simple Science Experiments
Animal- EEK! Critter Corner Mammals Landforms- FOSSweb
Animal Facts-Sheppard Software Landforms- BJHS
Animals- Nature Works Landforms of Earth
Animal Hotlist Life Cycles- Butterfly, Frog, & Bird
Animals- National Geographic | Videos
Animal Site Map
Lightning Scavenger Hunt
Animal Land Lightning Movie- Kids Know It
Animals- Kratts Creatures Magic School Bus
Animal Planet Matter & Energy-FOSSweb
Animal Resources-The Electronic Zoo Matter Matters
Animal Resources-Oakland Zoo Mixtures & Solutions- FOSSweb
Animal Sounds NASA for Kids & NASA Kids Club
Astronomy for Kids NASA Stories
Astronomy - Our Place in Space National Geographic Kids - Creature Features
Atoms Family National Wildlife Federation
BBC Animals
Nature Works Episodes & Animal Info-
Adaptation, coloration, communication, migration, habitat, marine communities, fresh water communities, terrestrial communities, producers & herbivores, herbivores & carnivores, decomposers,
scavengers,& niche
BBC DynaMo's Lab Nine Planets
BBC Science KS2 Ocean Hot List
BBC Science Clips- Ages 5&6 Ages 6&7
Sound & Hearing | Sound Game

Old Faithful Live WebCam- from NPS
BBC Electricity ology
Bill Nye the Science Guy Paleontology
Big Bug Parade Phases of Matter
Biomes- Introductions to Biomes Photosynthesis- Sheppard Software
Biomes Basics Plant Explorer
Biomes- World Biomes Plant Organism Menu
Biomes Movie-Kids Know It Plant Parts Salad Game- Kinder
Biomes of the World-MBGnet Pond Explorer
Body Scavenger Hunt Primary Games
Body- How the Body Works,Kid's Health Roofus Home- Solar energy
Body- Human Body Systems Rockhound
Body- The Virtual Body Rock & Minerals
Bubblesphere Sci4Kids
Butterflies Science Fun from NASA
Chem4Kids | Matter Science Learning Network
Cool Science Science Monster
D4K Topics - Animals, earth science, environments, space, eclectic,
simple machines, states of matter, force and motion, & electricity

Science Net Links
Dr. E's Energy Lab SCOPE
Drinking Water Quiz Seasons- Sheppard Software
Drippy the Raindrop Smithsonian for Kids
Earth, The SolarViews
Earthquakes & Glaciers Solar System
Earth at Night Sound, Physics of Sound- FOSSweb
Earth's Changing Surface Space Kids
Earth from Space Spiders
Earthguide Stargazing
Earth's Water Star Lab
Eclipse Movie Station of Animal Sounds
Ecosystems Hot List Sun, Moon, & Stars- FOSSweb
Edheads TechTopics Electricity- What's A Circuit?
Eggy's World Thermometer- Interactive
EKK! Critter Corner Tree Browser
Electrical Circuits Tree Cookie Game- looking at tree rings
Environment Movie Clips & Links Tree Model- Treetures
Exploratorium TreeLink Kids Corner
Fantastic Forest Tree Ring Analysis
FEMA for Kids Types of Land
Fingerprints Types of Land 2
Food Chain-from DK4 Volcano World 4 kids
Food Chain -Sheppard Software
Parts of the Food Chain-Producers, Consumers,
Bigger Food Chains,
Decomposers, Omnivores,
Herbivores, & Carnivores
Water Hotlist
Food Chains & Food Webs Water Cycle
Food Chain Movie- Kids Know It

Water Cycle- What Happens During the
Water Cycle- Scroll down to bottom

FOSSweb K-2 Grade & 3-6 Grade Water Planet Module-FOSSweb
Fossil Record Weather Wiz Kids
Fun School Science

Web Weather for Kids

Going Bug-gy Whales, Turtles, Sharks, and Snails- Gray Reef
Great Plant Escape What is the Weather?-BBC
Groundwater Basics for Kids Yuckiest Site on the Web