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NISD Golf Coordinator - Jay Govan

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             S.N.A.G. Elementary Golf                                                                 

The Northside Golf Program is the all-encompassing title of NISD’s effort to grow the game of golf within the NISD Community.  It involves the effort to increase the participation and competitveness of the district’s 12 high school teams within the UIL district-regional-state tournament cycle in April of each year.  To that end, the coaches at all of the NISD high schools provide organization, guidance, instruction and an opportunity to golfers of varying abilities to learn and play the game of golf and represent their school.  That representation usually takes the form of golf tournaments hosted throughout the central Texas region.  Each of the tournaments selected for entry by our coaches is chosen for a variety of reasons; one being the site of the event, the second reason would be the opportunity to place our players in competitive situations to prepare for the spring goal of reaching the state tournament.  A third reason coaches select particular an event is the caliber of competition at the chosen event.  Coaches in NISD, endeavor to develop their team’s ability to compete through gradually increasing the level of competition so that our players develop confidence as they improve.

The Middle School program in NISD involves our 21 middle schools in a practice, play, and compete cycle with half of the schools participating at a time for 6 weeks in the spring.  All NISD middle school golf takes place at Alamo Golf Club.  Lead golf coach for the middle school program is John Smetzer of Stevenson Middle School.  Each 6 week cycle culminates with a 2 day, "End of the Year Tourney".  One day is for 7th grade players and the other day is for 8th grade players.  6th grade golfers do not play competitively in NISD.

Many of NISD’s 80 elementary schools give their students an opportunity to experience something like golf by using the First Tee’s SNAG golf equipment.  As a short, two or three week unit, many of our elementary school students have their first opportunity to become acquainted with the game of golf at an early age through SNAG golf, under the tutelage of their elementary PE Teacher.



SNAG - Basics Manual

SNAG - Games Manual

SNAG - Mentoring Manual

We take our 5th graders on a 2 hour golf field trip each year after their golf unit.  During the unit students are taught how to grip a club, some golf etiquette and practice driving, chipping and putting and when they are used while playing.

At the golf course they rotate by class to the different stations set up for chipping, driving and putting. If I have a parent/grandparent or other adult who would like to talk to the students about the game I incorporate another station.  Students are welcome to bring their own clubs from home to use.

Putting:  students are in groups of 4 or 5 around the putting green.  One from each group goes onto the green to putt.  The students choose a hole before they begin their first stroke.  They then count how many putts it takes them to get their ball in the hole.  I bring my own golf balls and putters for the students to use.

Chipping:  students are in groups of 4 or 5 around one side of the chipping area.  One person from each line moves away from their group and tries to chip the ball up onto the green.  I place domes on the green for them to hit at since they cannot see the hole.  They chip 2 golf balls when it is their turn. I bring my own golf balls and clubs for the students to use.

Driving – students are in groups of 4 or 5 outside the driving area.  One person from each group enters the driving area to hit 2 golf balls before rotating turns.  We pay for the total number of buckets we use on the driving range.

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