The Top 5 Teen Study Habits

Top 5 Teen Study Habits

By: Mackenzie

Habit 1: Take Good Notes

If you take great notes you study efficiently, and if you study efficiently you do well on tests. If you’re a visual or creative person doodle in your notes as necessary. It helps some people to have a visual explanation of things to understand them.

Jot down key words that your teacher gives you. Teachers always give you answers and if you keep those answers you can ace the tests. They will never intentionally lie to you and make you fail a test.

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Habit 2: Write Down all Assignments in Your Planner

It is absolutely essential that you right down every due date, test date, assignment, and upcoming events in a planner. If you lose your planner or don't have one make up for it by using a notebook. By writing down this information you can stay organized and in-the-know about what's happening in class.

Habit 3: Have all Papers and Supplies Ready for Class

The majority of F's come from not having your homework ready for class, so the easy solution is to have your homework. When you turn in assignments late you lose points, and when you don't turn it in at all you get a zero. Let's say you get two 90's, one 80, a 100, and a missing assignment in a class, your average grade would be a 72. If you had turned in that assignment on time and made an 85, your average would be an 89. A lot better than a 72 right? It's the zero that brings you down, so avoid them.

Teachers get annoyed when you don't have a pencil, some teachers might be cool with it and lend you one, but repeatedly they start getting agitated. After a while they might give you a pencil, but when you need something else or forgot your homework they aren't going to let you go. So keep your supplies with you.

Habit 4: Talk to Your Teachers

When your falling behind or confused. The best way to keep your grades up is to stay on top of them. There is nothing wrong with talking to your teachers; their job is to help you learn.

Habit 5: Stay Focused

If your teacher says the world is going to explode in five minutes, and you were talking to your friend, you would start listening to your teacher, right? But lets say your teacher was talking about verbs, would you listen to your friend or teacher? The easy way to do well in class and listen to your teacher is to stay focused.

By staying focused you don't go off topic, and you get the information the first time. You will have a deeper understanding of what’s happening in class and around you.

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