ALPHA Students Learn Coding

In order to be better prepared for the digital age where understanding computer coding will be crucial, 7th and 8th grade ALPHA students at Zachry are learning to read and write code.  The process reveals to the students how computers are capable of doing pretty much anything we program into them.  The process of learning to read and write the foundational languages of code, fundamentally transforms their perspective from that of user to maker. 

ALPHA students working on coding project

The student’s first final product used the html language.  Each student chose a topic of personal interest, and created the code for a webpage to teach others what they know.  7th grade student Mackenzie created a webpage on “The Top Five Teen Study Habits.”  Mackenzie got the idea because this is what they were discussing in her advisory class. 

7th grader Luke created a webpage giving more information about coding he discovered through his own research.   Mrs. Barrera posted it on the ALPHA web page for her students.  Students are excited about the process, and are going above and beyond what is expected.  Many will research a specific code for something they want to do, like how to have a background picture.  Even though it has not been taught, they want to include it in their work, so they take the initiative and look up the code for how to do it.  Often leading to teaching each other what they have learned.