Campus Security Changes After Our Safety Audit

Throughout this school year, we have made changes to campus policies to increase the safety for our students.  Recently we had a safety audit and our campus scored very well.  We are so proud of our teachers and staff because they truly strive to provide your child with the safest education.  However, we are making a few changes to help make our campus an even safer place for students.  As always we are requiring that all staff members and all visitors must wear a name badge.

The back gate off Oak Valley will be locked from 8:15 AM—2:45 PM.  The gate to the delivery entrance for the cafeteria will also be locked during school hours.  The gate beside the gym and Head Start area will be locked at all times.  The little gate beside the bus loop to the kindergarten playground will also be locked.

As you know, we have many different types of safety drills, monthly fire drills, several lock-down drills, and tornado drills each year.  We are going to be adding Shelter-in-Place Drills and Reverse Evacuation Drills to our safety drill plans. We practice these so that teachers and students are prepared to handle an emergency. In the event of a real emergency, school staff will supervise children until it  is safe to release them to you.  It is  important that you keep your contact numbers current in the office so we can use the “Call-Out” system to notify you of safety issues.