Encouraging Success

Parents are more important than teachers in building children’s academic careers.  
Support and motivate your child to do his or her best in school with these tips... [Read More]

  • Make School Important: Insist on good attendance and don’t be tempted to let them stay home when they are well.  Help your child arrive to school on time each and every day.
  • Develop A School Checklist:  Help your child by making sure he or she leaves for school and comes home with everything he or she needs. Check backpacks (and agendas in 4th and 5th grades) regularly. Kids need your help to get organized and to stay organized.
  • READ, READ, READ:  Read with your child or have them read to you every day.  Make it fun by talking to your child about what you have read.
  • Talk for 15 Minutes:  Spend at least 15 minutes every day  giving your child your undivided attention.  Talk to your child about his or her day, ask about goals, dreams, and favorite things.  Children are more successful in school when parents show interest in what happens during the day.
  • Talk to the Teacher Regularly:  Talk with your child’s teacher regularly about how your child is doing at school.  This helps your know about their progress.

Thank you so much for supporting good education!