Using Google Hangouts for Collaboration

By Jean Yang

Using Google Hangouts for CollaborationWith technology, the ability to share finished products with others opens up doors for publishing and making assignments more engaging. At Luna Middle School, ELA teacher Mrs. Brandt collaborated with elementary school teacher, Mrs. Johnson in Edmond, Oklahoma. The teachers partnered so both classes could foUsing Google Hangouts for Collaborationcus on their writing skills by integrating technology. Using Padlet, Mrs. Brandt’s students typed their descriptive poems on monsters and shared them with Mrs. Johnson’s students, who in turn, brought the monsters to life by Using Google Hangouts for Collaborationincorporating Chatterpix.

This experience provided an authentic avenue for both classes to produce writing in which they took pride and ownership to create. As shown in the picture on the left, Johnson’s class was eager to share their Chatterpix as Mrs. Brandt’s class actively watched them present via Google Hangouts while providing positive feedback. Students enjoyed being able to share their ideas beyond the classroom walls, an opportunity previously difficult to obtain without the use of technology.