Look Who’s Talking!

By: Elizabeth Garvic

Students across the district are embracing the ChatterPix Kids app as a tool to use to show what they have learned about a variety of topics across content areas.  ChatterPix Kids is a fun, interactive app by Duck Duck Moose that allows users to add a mouth and a voice to any picture.  

Why would a student make a picture of a basketball talk? To show an understanding of shapes!  The student made the basketball talk about how it is shaped like a sphere! Recently, first grade students at Krueger Elementary used images of animals and Chatterpix Kids to give animals a voice in order to present facts they learned via research. Second grade students at Knowlton Elementary used a variety of pictures of community helpers to explain what they want to be when they grow up!  The sky's the limit!  If you can take a picture or a screenshot of it, you can make it talk!

Teachers and students love that the iPad and this awesome app give students an engaging and exciting opportunity to use their voices to demonstrate learning and understanding!

Sample of Shape Video

Sample of Animal Research Video