Google Transforming Classrooms in NISD

By Bruce Harris


What an amazing time it is to be an educator! So many changes are happening in our world today right before our eyes. I am proud to be with the Northside Academic Technology Team because I have a front row seat to see how our schools are keeping up with these changes. More and more teachers everyday are beginning to dare greatly and explore the digital age alongside their students. One of the tools they have discovered to help them is Google Classroom.

Google Classroom

Teachers at Cable, Passmore, Martin, Esparza, and Meadow Village have all started to use Google Classroom as a means of delivering instruction to students. The ease of setup and integration with Google Drive make it simple for teachers to try. Student engagement and the automatic organization make it compelling for teachers to try. Finally having the support of a technology coach gives them the confidence to try.


As I am beginning my first year of serving teachers at 6 elementary campuses, I am trying hard to build positive and trusting relationships with teachers. It is those relationships that serve as a foundation for being able to meet with teachers and encourage them to take risks and try something new. The great thing about Google Apps for Education is how all the products are connected. As we train teachers on one application the learning transfers easily across others. While there are many ways to integrate technology, Google has made a nice platform for diving in. I am excited to watch teachers grow as lead learners and their students grow into 21st century leaders.