EcoFair PBL with GAFE & iMovie

By: Arlene Jacob

McAndrew 5th graders learned about our country’s Free Enterprise System, supply and demand, and entrepreneurship. They also had the opportunity to create a product from recycled or upcycled materials while having the freedom to determine cost and quantity of their product. They sold their products at the 5th grade Eco Fair. All profits helped fund their promotion ceremony party cost.

Students were expected to create a product to sell. They were required to make multiples of the same product (example: 30 bottle cap bracelets). Each student wrote a business plan using Google docs. They utilized Google Forms to survey their consumers on price points. Students were also required to make a paper advertisement (poster or flyer) with Google Draw or Slides and a commercial using iMovie. Commercials were showcased on the morning announcements in April to drum up business and anticipation. After Eco Fair, 5th graders were shown how to use Google Sheets to conduct a cost analysis to determine profits.

The students at McAndrew enjoyed this Eco Fair project and not only learned how to use technology for a purposeful intent, but their promotion party will be better as a result of the profits made. It was a WIN-WIN all around!

Book and tablet form a decorative display at the McAndrew Elementary 5th grade Eco FairMcAndrew Elementary fifth grade students learn about entrepreneurship in a hands-on exerciseMcAndrew Elementary student learns about the free enterprise system at the 5th grade Eco Fair.