Digital Scavenger Hunt @ Marshall High School

by Matthew Patty

Recently I was lucky enough to work with a Social Studies teacher, Shawn Trevillian from Marshall high school as he designed a lesson to not only keep his students engaged, but to clearly teach some of his required content in a 21st-century manner. 

Mr. Trevillian designed a lesson centered around map reading skills that asked the students to use their cell phones to navigate their campus to find several different locations. At these locations, the students would then use their devices and scan a QR code to access questions that pertain to that location and the skills that were needed to access that location. Students operated compasses and pedometers on their cell phones and referenced a map of the campus to make sure they were headed in the correct directions. At the conclusion of the activity, the students were asked to individually complete an "Exit-Slip" to confirm each student reached the expected learning outcomes.