Steveson Proud


… because every teacher in the whole building I’ve met tries and puts effort in to what they do.


… because Stevenson will prepare me for college.


…because of the academics and how each student is unique in a way.


… because I am starting a new chapter of my life.  Since this is a new chapter of my life and Stevenson is a good place to make friends and make relationships.


… because everyone is welcoming here.


“…because this school is fun.


…because teachers give us good resources and are helpful.


… because we have good teachers.


… because not everyone has the same level of education, but the teachers never give up on you.  They make sure you succeed at everything possible.


… because Stevenson is a great school that is helpful when students are in need.


… because of the great educational opportunities and amazing friendships I have already created.


…because I get to learn with friends and the wonderful staff.  They are willing to do anything to help us learn and have fun.


…because we work hard and never give up.


. . .because it gives me a chance to learn my limits and expand my strengths so I can achieve my goals.


. . .because they are active in school spirit and love to get students involved in things.


. . .because I’m starting to learn cool things and I’m ready to accomplish new things.




… because I work with teachers who love to get their students interactive in their own learning with bright, motivating and engaging classrooms!

~Ms. Longoria, Reading Specialist


… because I feel part of this great family for 13 years.  

~Ms. Orozco, Spanish teacher


…because we have the best students in Northside!

~Mr. Aslin, Vice-Principal


… because I get the pleasure of working with great teachers, interact with amazing students, and communicating with caring parents every day.

~ Ms. Haden, ELA teacher


… because I work with the greatest Faculty and Staff in the District!"

~Ms. Mohr, math teacher


“…because of the wonderful employees and students that make up this school.” ~ Coach Laissle


…because we have a great faculty that works together to give our kids the best educational experience possible. ~Mr. Ray, science teacher


… because it is an active, engaging, collaborative and positive work environment. ~Ms. Ford, English teacher


… because of our history-educationally, band, and athletics.

~ Ms. Lara, coach and science teacher


… because we have great students and a fabulous community. 

~ Mrs. Hughes, Invention Specialist


… because we put students first. ~Mr. Landon, science teacher


…because teachers on this campus understand what students need and do everything they can to ensure it happens. ~Mrs. Schweers, Academic Dean


. . .because I am a member of a community that goes above and beyond by supporting and contributing so our students can be as successful as possible in today's society. ~Ms. Schlenker, math teacher


. . .because I teach with integrity and strive to instill integrity in my students. ~Ms. Fehrenbacher, history teacher


. . .because I get to teach robotics, engineering, and video game design to awesome 7th graders.” Mr. Flores, careers portal technology teacher


. . . because our students are our top priority and when we ALL have the same goal, it is super easy to support our admin and co-workers! I love the family atmosphere at Stevenson!!! ~Ms. Taylor, coach and PE teacher

. . .because our Craft Club students have the opportunity to participate in after school activities that allow them to express themselves and achieve a feeling of belonging! ~Mrs. Henas, art teacher


. . . of the support given to ALL students and teachers within such a welcoming community. ~Mrs. Connolly, ELA teacher


. . .because I work with a fine group of educators. ~Ms. Medina, ELA teacher


. . .because the people are very welcoming and friendly. It is a great place to come to everyday! ~Mrs. Timmer, grade reporting secretary


. . .because I am a student product of Stevenson Middle School, and now I am able to influence and teach current Stevenson students. ~Mrs. Hernandez, math teacher


. . .because of the "Go Above and Beyond" mindset that we have day in and day out. ~Mr. Dominguez, math teacher


. . . because students and staff strive for excellence in the classroom and in extra-curricular activities. ~Mr. Garza, coach and math teacher


. . .because we work as a team.  We are determined to succeed and recognize each players strengths and weaknesses.  We accommodate to make the extra point, and together we score the win. ~Mrs. Galan, math teacher


. . .because the entire faculty strives to help students not only academically, but physically and mentally, too. ~Mrs. McCanlies, math teacher


. . .because of our students. ~Mrs. Smith, ELA teacher


. . .because I am lucky to be a teacher of the best kids around! ~Mrs. Leyva, science teacher


. . .because I am surrounded by teachers and staff that are dedicated to the success of ALL students! ~Mrs. Ramirez, science teacher