Title I & III Family Engagement Program

Family Engagement

Title I Annual Family Engagement Conference

Each year Northside brings families together to discuss important issues impacting our children. Come be part of a movement that is passionate, empowered, supportive, and brave as we explore together what is relevant  to families. Leave inspired with tools to work towards our children’s success. Every participant will receive a lunch, take home materials, resources, and door prize opportunities.  

Date: Friday, September 29, 2017

Time: 8:45am - 2:15pm

Location: Northside Activity Center; 7001 Culebra Rd, San Antonio TX, 78238


Family Workshops

These one time only workshops are for all family members wanting to enhance their skills and/or learn new ways to support their child’s academic success.  Topics include “How to Help my Child with Math Homework”,  “Building Self Esteem in Children”, "Keeping Children Safe in a Digital World," and many more. Quality childcare is provided along with opportunities to win great door prizes and the cost is FREE to all Northside families.

Fall English Classes

Would you like to learn the English as a Second Language? Come join our FREE English Classes. Registration is now open for the fall semester. Click on the title to learn more about these classes.   

HEB Read 3 

This FREE six-week series of workshops is for parents, grandparents, guardians and other adult caregivers with children ages 3 and 4 years old. Adult participants will get hands-on experience on how to create and teach literacy at home. The children will learn to identify colors, numbers, letters and much more.  Two FREE books are given to each student at every session and adult participants will receive a $25 H.E.B. gift card upon completion of the course. (One gift card per participating family.)  Quality childcare is  provided.

BoysTown Workshops

It's not easy raising children in today's hectic world.  Every family needs help from time to time.  Join us to discuss with others how to handle difficult behaviors while staying calm and helping your child do what is right. This FREE six week course gives families new skills to turn stressful situations around and motivate children to make better choices. Light refreshments are provided for evening classes and quality childcare is provided for all workshops.

Family Liaisons

Northside Family Engagement has targeted support for Title I schools through a Family Liaison who is dedicated to that school. The Family Liaisons at the schools are there to provide support and engage families in a way that connects them to learning. Family Liaisons enhance families and staff members in their everyday efforts. They provide opportunities to enage families in authentic ways that support learning. We believe in empowering families so they are active partners at Northside schools. 


PreK 4 SA: Getting Families Kinder Ready

The Family Enagement Program is very excited to have a PreK for SA Family Liaison who is focused on getting families ready for Kindergarten. This Liaison is working with preschool families within the city limits to provide information about Kindergarten, what skills children need, and how families can be empowered partners during the transition from preschool to Kindergarten. 


Literacy Happens at Home

The Northside Family Engagement Program has been awarded a grant through House Bill 4 that supports early childhood intervention and development. We have 4 Preschool Liaisons that are working in every Northside school to provide early literacty activities, skills, and support to families. Our Preschool Teachers and Liaisons are teaming up all over the district to build relationships with families and empower them to partner with our schools to support early literacy. 

Family Engagement Staff

Northside ISD Family Engagement Program
5651 Grissom Road
San Antonio, TX 78238
(210)397-8930 / (210)706-8723 (fax)

 Coordinator:  Yolanda Chapman
Email: Yolanda.Chapman@nisd.net

 Specialist:  Enedelia Gomez
Email:  Enedelia.Gomez@nisd.net

Specialist:  Maria Hernandez
Email:  Maria.Hernandez@nisd.net

Secretary:  Sandra Rincand-Idrogo
Email:  Sandra.Rincand-Idrogo@nisd.net