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Safeline is a proactive telephone hotline used to increase safety at Northside Schools. The system is an automated voicemail and text message system that is monitored and managed by the Northside ISD Police department. It is operated seven days a week, 24 hours a day and addresses reports of crime, violations of district policy, and safety concerns. The system is completely anonymous, although callers are encouraged to leave their names and telephone numbers.

Since its inception in 2001, Safeline has averaged about 20 messages per month, many coming from parents who wish to report incidents or potential problems told to them by their children. The goals are preventative; the NISD Police Department wants to stop problems before they happen and uses tips from Safeline to help make Northside schools safer.

NISD Police Chief Charlie Carnes said Safeline is part of an overall program aimed at reducing problems in schools and promote safety.

"It has been very successful with students, citizens, and parents in the community," he said. "We urge them to keep it up."

Northside police officers raise awareness about the program throughout the year when they distribute Safeline magnets, bookmarks, and information during presentations at schools or in neighborhoods.

"It is important to keep the public interested in the program," Carnes said. "Our Police Department works with the schools and District offices to make sure Safeline continues to help improve the safety and confidence in NISD schools."

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Safeline?
Safeline is an anonymous tip line available for anyone to report a safety concern. Safeline also can be used to report a crime or a violation of District policy. Simply call 397-SAFE (7233) or send a text message to

Who should call or text message Safeline?
Anyone, including students, parents, staff, and members of the community who have any safety concerns.

When is Safeline available?
Safeline can be contacted any time, day or night. The Northside Police Department monitors and manages the system.

What if I don't want my identity known?
Calls to Safeline are completely anonymous. However, everyone is welcome to leave their names and telephone numbers. Texts will appear with a number but no name.

When is it a good idea to call or text message Safeline?
Citizens, parents, staff, and students should contact Safeline any time they have information about an illegal activity, a potential threat, or any type of safety issue. Examples include information about:

  • A gun in school
  • Drugs in school
  • A fight involving students
  • A suspicious person at a school
  • A theft or burglary at a campus
  • A fallen tree limb on a campus or playground
  • A broken step leading into a building
  • Any threat to student or staff safety

When is it NOT a good idea to contact Safeline?
When there's an imminent threat to someone's safety or there's an incident that needs an immediate response. If you or your campus needs an immediate police response, call NISD Police Dispatch at 210-397-5600 24 hours a day. If you need an ambulance or the Fire Department, call 9-1-1.

If I contact Safeline, what information do I need to provide?
It's crucial that you leave as many details as possible about an incident or situation, otherwise NISD police officers will not be able to respond appropriately. When leaving a message, it might help to think about answering as many of these questions as possible: Who, What, When, and Where?

Does Safeline work?
Yes, there are numerous Safeline successes. Thanks to information from our community members, Northside police officers are able to act quickly and keep students and staff members safe.