Required Postings




  • Summary of Proposed Budget - (Education Code §44.0041, as amended during the 79th Legislature, Third Called Session)

  • Adopted Budget - (Education Code, §39.084, as amended by HB 3 (81st Legislature))
    Location: NISD Webpage - Business and Finance

  • Debt Transparency Report as of August 31, 2016 - (Local Government Code §140.008, HB1378, 84th Legislature)
    Location: NISD Webpage - Business and Finance/Debt Management

    • Annual Financial and compliance report - ( - Submission Requirements)

    • Campaign Finance Reports - (Election Code, §254.24011)

      In accordance with Chapter 254 of the Election Code, listed below are campaign finance reports filed by members of the Board of Trustees of the Northside Independent School District, candidates for membership on the board, or a specific-purpose committee for supporting, opposing, or assisting a candidate or member. These reports were filed pursuant to campaign finance law in Title 15 of the Texas Election Code, which regulates the acceptance of, expenditure of, and reports regarding money in political campaigns by candidates, office holders, and political committees.

      These reports are filed semi-annually in January and July of each year, and during the time just before an election if the candidate has an opponent on the ballot. The requirement to file a semi-annual report does not apply to officeholders who do not have a campaign treasurer on file and who do not exceed $500 in contributions or expenditures during the reporting period.

      Location: Links listed below:
      ​Semiannual Reports 


      Pre-election Reports by Election Year

      • 8 day Finance Report: Medina
      • 8 day Finance Report: Britton
      • 30 day Finance Reports: Medina
      • 30 day Finance Reports: Britton
      • 30 Day Finance Reports: Harle
      • 30 Day Finance Reports: Gass



No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Report Card