Assistive Technology Program

4711-A Sid Katz
San Antonio, Texas 78229
PHONE: 210-397-2431
FAX: 210-397-2407




The Assistive Technology Program is designed to provide a technology support system that will enable special education students to utilize technical assistance as necessary. Assistance may be requested for students who have communication, learning, mobility and/or self-help needs which cannot be adequately met through routine special education services. Adaptive or assistive equipment includes items recommended by occupational therapists, physical therapists, speech pathologists, vision and hearing specialists, campus staff, or psychologists. Devices may be as simple as a switch to activate a toy, or as sophisticated as a computerized augmentative communication device. Other examples of appropriate equipment that might be recommended are: pencil grips, highlighted text, positioning equipment, adaptive chairs, computer-assisted equipment, or environmental controls.