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Rawlinson Middle School
Technology Integration Plan

What Teachers Should Know How to Do:

  • NISD Teacher Core Competencies

What Teachers Can Do Now: 

  • English (Word)
  • Math (Excel)
  • Reading (Inspiration, PhotoStory/Animoto/PowerPoint, or Wikis (with a PP slide or PP uploaded to it)
  • Social Studies (PowerPoint)
  • Science (Access)
  • PE (MS Animoto/Photostory or Word)
  • Art, Spanish & FCS (Wikis(with a PP slide or PP uploaded to it), Photoshop, and/or PhotoStory)
  • Choir, Orchestra, Band (Photoshop and/or PowerPoint)
  • SFA & ACT (Microtype Pro, Computer Basics, Visual Communicator/MovieMaker, Fireworks, Dreamweaver, and Flash)
  • Theatre (Photostory, MovieMaker, and/or Visual Communicator)
  • Special Education (PhotoStory, PowerPoint, and/or Audacity)
  • GT (PowerPoint, Photoshop, Wiki (with a PP slide or PP uploaded to it), E-Books (with story and pictures uploaded to it), and/or Audacity)

Core Content Curriculum TEKS that already include Technology

  • 6th Grade
  • 7th Grade
  • 8th Grade

Where Can Teachers Get Lesson Ideas:

  • Start with a lesson that you know well and add technology
  • Use the Librarian as a resource
  • Use the Academic Technology Coach as a resource

Student Product Evaluation Tools

Turn in your lesson plan and a sample student product

  • Drop into the Shared Drive I:/Staff/16-17 Student Samples