English Language Arts

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English Language Arts Department

Bunn, Michelle (Department Coordinator)


Beltran, Jennifer

Connolly, Shelene

Case, Denise

Contreras, Cecilia

Curtin, Cynthia

Reyes, Roger (6th & 7th)



Aguilar, Russell

Calkins, Beverly

Wack, Lynn

Hernandez, Michelle

Rogers, Halo


Brandt, Brandee

Campbell, Cory

Funk, Claire

Monis, Haroon

Rodgers, Becky

Villarreal, Kimberly


ESL - Newcomer

Bimstein, Rosa

Blocker, Stella

Santos, Aurora


Gifted and Talented

Bunn, Michelle

Zavala, Shannon


Reading SCE

Barrett, Belinda