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Take a look inside a Pre-Kindergarten classroom, and you'll see that our youngest students are excited about school! Their work involves using a lot of educational toys and games to teach concept and skills in literacy, math, science, and social studies. These materials, as well as age-appropriate instructional strategies, are incorporated throughout the day to foster social-emotional, cognitive and physical development.

Registration Information for Pre-Kindergarten

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Eligibility Requirements for Pre-Kindergarten

In order to be eligible for the Pre-Kindergarten Program, state law (Texas Education Code §29.153) requires that children must be 4 years old on or before September 1st and (one of the following):

  • Unable to speak or comprehend the English language (speak another language other than English)*
  • OR
  • Educationally disadvantaged (eligible to participate in the National School Lunch Program)
  • OR
  • Homeless
  • OR
  • The child of an active duty member of the armed forces of the United States, including the state military forces or a reserved component of the armed forces, who is ordered to active duty by proper authority
  • OR
  • The child of a member of the armed forces of the United States, including the state military forces or a reserved component of the armed forces, who was injured or killed while serving on active duty
  • OR
  • Have been in the conservatorship (foster care) of the Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS) (foster care) following an adversary hearing.
  • OR
  • Be the child of a person eligible for the Star of Texas Awards as: a peace officer under Section 3106.002, Government Code; a firefighter under Section 3106.003, Government Code; or an emergency medical first responder under Section 3106.004, Government Code.
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"Every student can learn, just not on the same day, or in the same way." - George Evans

Documentation Required for Pre-Kindergarten

  • Birth certificate
    original copy (photocopies will not be accepted)
  • Immunization record
    updated record
  • Proof of residence
    current electric bill, telephone bill, apartment lease, "closing papers" from a home purchase (mobile phone bills will not be accepted)*
  • Social security card (optional)
    of child being registered
  • Proof of (gross) income
    current paycheck stubs— (4 current stubs if paid weekly; 2 current stubs if paid twice a month or every two weeks all with consecutive dates; 1 pay stub if paid once a month.) Families receiving SNAP must bring current Notice of Eligibility documenting when benefits begin and end. Families on TANF must bring current Benefit Letter documenting when benefits begin and end. Parents who are self-employed must bring the 1040 tax form for the 2017 tax year.

Additional Documentation
for Military Personnel

In addition to providing the "Documentation Required" (items 1-4) listed above, please review the following documentation for registration:

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*In the event that a family is living with another family or for some other reason cannot meet district requirements for proof of residency, the family may enroll the child by completing a notarized AFFIDAVIT OF RESIDENCE. An AFFIDAVIT OF RESIDENCE requires both the parent/guardian of the child and the resident to appear before the school principal (or designee), present photo ID’s, a copy of the resident’s proof of residency as evidenced by a current utility bill (current or prior month).


Class Information for Pre-Kindergarten

Student Teacher Ratio


  • 22:1
School Hours


  • 7:45 a.m—11:20 a.m. OR
  • 11:20 a.m.—2:55 p.m.
Pre-Kinder Curriculum


  • Mathematics, Language Arts, Science, and Social Studies
  • Frog Street Press

Testimonials for Pre-Kindergarten

What people are saying...

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  • “Pre-K is an important time developmentally for students to learn how to communicate and socialize appropriately.”

    Julie Mendez, Pre-K teacher
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  • "One of my favorite reasons why I love teaching Pre-K is their utter excitement to come to school every day. They love singing songs, dancing to music, and playing with their friends."

    Julie Mendez, Pre-K teacher

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Children come first at Northside Independent School District. Nowhere is this more true than in Northside's pre-kindergarten and kindergarten programs. Our programs are tailored to the needs of four- and five-year-old children. A good start is the foundation
of a good education, and we look forward to partnering with you to see your child through his or her education at Northside.

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