NISD Police Shield and Patch

The Northside ISD Police Department operates 24-hours a day and is dedicated to the safety and welfare of all students, faculty, staff and visitors of the District and the protection of District property. The Department works closely with all local municipal police departments, state and Federal agencies, and other school district police departments in the Bexar County area. The NISD Police Department consists of state Licensed Peace Officers and civilian employees who provide office support and 24-hour dispatch.

Northside Police Officers are involved in the classroom as well as the community. In addition, the Department plays an important role in helping the District maintain its commitment to the community and staff by providing speakers to PTAs, citizen organizations, and faculty groups.

The Northside Police Department's jurisdiction includes all the geographical territory within the boundaries of the District's 355 square miles, as well as on any property outside the District that is owned, leased or otherwise under the control of the Board of Trustees.



The mission of the Northside Independent School District, a dynamic, growing, culturally diverse public educational system committed to the belief that children come first, is to encourage each student to strive for personal excellence and to ensure all students develop intellectually, and learn to function, contribute and compete as responsible individuals in an ever-changing world, to be accomplished through challenging learning experiences provided by superior educators in partnership with parents and the community in a climate of cooperation and mutual respect.

The Northside ISD Police Department supports this mission by aiding in the development and implementation of a well-defined plan to promote discipline and safety and to prevent drugs and violence on our campuses.

Racial profiling policy

It is the policy of this department to police in a proactive manner and to aggressively investigate suspected violations of the law. Officers shall actively enforce state and Federal laws in a responsible and professional manner without regard to race, ethnicity or national origin. Officers are strictly prohibited from engaging in racial profiling (Article 2.131, Texas Code of Criminal Procedure).

This department accepts complaints from any person who believes that he or she has been stopped or searched based on racial, ethnic or national origin profiling. No person shall be discouraged, intimidated or coerced from filing a complaint, nor discriminated against because he or she filed such a complaint. Complaints may be initiated in person or by phone at the office listed below during regular business hours.


Police Chief Charles Carnes
Assistant Police Chief Alex Villareal

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