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Pease Night Out Nov. 7th - Graphic by: C. Bernal
Pease Science Fair Nov. 5th! - Graphic by: D. Esquivel
Red Ribbon Week! - Graphic by: A. Galvan
Pease MS Football! - Graphic by: M. Valles
Fall Dance! Nov. 2nd Graphic by: A. Galvan
Gadget Girls! Nov. 10th - Graphic by: A. Lambert
Movie Night at Pease! This Friday 5-6:30pm - Graphic by: W. Guajardo
Pease MS Volleyball! - Graphic by W. Guajardo
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John Jay Robotics presents: Gadget Girls

Gadget Girls is an event dedicated to inspiring young girls to pursue a career in STEM. The event entails robotics and STEM demonstrations, DIY STEM Activities, games, and more. The girls who attend will be able to hear from girls who attend John Jay and the impact STEM has had on them, as well as the STEM opportunities the Science and Engineering Academy has to offer. Gadget Girls is a unique event and the best part is that the event is FREE to the public.

It will be held on Saturday, November 10th from 9AM- 1PM at John Jay High School.

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