School Profile

2019-2020 School Profile

School/CEEB Code: 443199


School Facts

  • Public, four-year, 9-12, diverse curriculum including college preparatory, general, career & technology and special education.
  • Accredited by the Texas Education Agency.
  •  Total Enrollment as of 8/16/19: 9th: 838; 10th: 830; 11th: 813; 12th: 850; Total Enrolled: 3,323
  • Graduates of the class of 2019: 726
  • School Year: Two semesters; six grading periods.
  • School Day: 8 periods, 50-minute classes.

Grading Scale

  • A=90-100; B=80-89; C=75-79; D=70-74; F=69 and below; * (next to grade) =credit denied due to excessive absences 1st/2nd semester.
  • 0.5 credit per semester is awarded for all grades of 70 and above. One credit is awarded at the end of the year, if the average of the two semesters is 70 or above.
  • All grades are recorded numerically. Transfer grades are recorded and given the numerical equivalent according to the grading scale of the sending school.

Grade Point Average/Weighting

  • GPA in Northside ISD is calculated on a 100-point scale only.
  • Rank in class is determined in October (6th semester) and January (7th semester) of the senior year.
  • Students enrolled in Honors, Pre-AP and Dual Credit courses earn five additional points per semester in determining grade point average and rank in class.
  • Students enrolled in Advanced Placement courses earn eight additional points per semester in determining grade point average and rank in class.
  • All courses taken count towards a student’s GPA, except for the following:
  • Correspondence courses
  • Pass/Fail Courses

Graduation Requirements

(For students entering 9th grade in 2014-15)

NISD Foundation Plan with Endorsement Graduation Requirements                                                 



Language Arts (4 credits)

English 1,2,3,4

An Endorsement is an area of focus designed to have a positive influence on future college and career plans. Students earn an endorsement by successfully completing a coherent sequence of courses within one of the five endorsements.

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM)

Computer Science, Engineering, Math or Science.

Business and Industry

Ag- Mechanics, Ag-Animal Science, Ag-Plant Science, Animation, Architecture, Audio/Video Production, Business Management & Administration, Culinary Arts, Fashion Design, Finance, Graphic Design, Journalism, Marketing, Photography, or Public Speech.

Public Service

Education, Health Science Clinical, Health Science Services or ROTC.

Arts and Humanities

English Language Arts, Languages Other Than English, Art, Band, Choir, Dance, Orchestra, Theatre or Social Studies.

Multidisciplinary Studies

Four credits in each of the four foundation areas to include English IV and chemistry and/or physics, OR four credits in AP or Dual credit selected from English, math, science, social studies, LOTE or fine arts, OR four advanced courses that prepare the student to enter the workforce or post-secondary educational opportunities without remediation or among endorsement areas that are not in a coherent sequence.

Mathematics (4 credits)

Algebra, Geometry, Algebra 2, Adv. Math

Science (4 credits)

Biology, Chemistry/IPC, Physics/ Adv. Science, Adv. Science

Social Studies (4 credits)

World Geography, World History, US History, Government/Economics

Physical Education (1 credit)

PE or Equivalent

Languages other than English (2 credits)

Any two levels in the same language

Fine Arts (1 credit)

Health (.5 credit) / Speech (.5 credit)


Electives (5 credits)

In addition to the above requirements, students must complete the STAAR End-of-Course Examinations in English 1, English 2, Algebra, Biology, and US History. Students will earn required endorsement(s), and many will also earn performance acknowledgments; both will be reflected on their transcripts.

28 Advanced Placement Courses Offered at O’Connor:

English Language, English Literature, Calculus AB, Calculus BC, Statistics, Computer Science Principles, Computer Science A, Biology, Chemistry, Physics 1 & 2, Physics C Mechanics/Electricity & Magnetism, Environmental Science, Human Geography, European History, World History, US History, US Government, Macroeconomics, Psychology, Spanish Language, Spanish Literature, French Language, German Language, Latin, Art History, Studio Art: 2-D Design, and Music Theory.

Dual Credit Courses Offered at O’Connor (High School Course Name in Parentheses):

Through Northwest Vista College: English 1301/1302 (Eng 3 AP Dual or Eng 4 Honors Dual), English 2322/2323 (Eng 4 AP Dual), Math 1314 (ISM Math—College Algebra), Math 2412 (Pre-Calculus Honors Dual), Math 2413 (Calculus AB AP Dual), Math 2414 (Calculus BC AP Dual), Math 1442 (Statistics AP Dual), Biology 1406/1407 (Biology AP Dual), History 2321 World Civilization (World History AP Dual), History 1301/1302 (US History AP Dual), HITT 1305 (Medical Terminology), CRIJ 1301(Law and Public Safety), Biology 2406 Environmental Biology (Environmental Science AP Dual), AGRI 2330 Advanced Wildlife Management (Wildlife, Fisheries, & Eco Management Honors Dual), AGRI 2337 Plant and Soil Science (Adv. Plant & Soil Science Dual), FMKT 1301 Floral Design (Floral Design Dual), CDEC 1319 Child Guidance (Child Guidance Dual), and CDEC 1311 Educating Young Children (Instructional Practices in Education & Training Dual).

Through St. Philip’s College:     Aircraft Mechanics 1 & 2 and Manufacturing Technology 1 & 2

Through San Antonio College:  Computer Security 1 & 2

Through University of Texas OnRamps: Geo 302E (Geoscience) and RHE 309/MATH 2312 (Discovery Pre-Calculus)

The O’Connor Class of 2019 can be found at the following colleges and universities:

In Texas: Abilene Christian University, Angelo State University, Austin Community College, Baylor University, Blinn College, Hardin-Simmons University, Houston Community College, Howard College, Midland College, Midwestern State University, Northwest Vista College, Northeast Lakeview College, Odessa College, Our Lady of the Lake University, Palo Alto College, Prairie View A&M University, Sam Houston State University, San Antonio College, Schreiner University, St. Edward’s University, St. Mary’s University, St. Phillip’s College, Tarleton State University, Texas A&M at College Station, Texas A&M at Corpus Christi, Texas A&M Kingsville, Texas A&M San Antonio, Texas Christian University, Texas Lutheran University, Texas State University, Texas Tech University, Trinity University, Tyler Junior College, University of Dallas, University of Houston, University of Mary Hardin-Baylor, University of North Texas, University of Texas Arlington, University of Texas at Austin, University of Texas at El Paso, University of Texas at San Antonio, University of the Incarnate Word.

Across the United States: Arizona State University, Brigham Young University, Collin County Community College, Colorado College, Duke University, Illinois State University, Sacred Heart University, North Carolina State University, United States Air Force Academy, University of Alabama-Huntsville, University of Arizona, University of Arkansas-Little Rock, University of California-Davis, University of Colorado-Boulder, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, University of Oregon, University of Southern California, University of Utah, Virginia Polytechnic State.

2018 Test Results

SAT (Mean)

















ACT (Composite)







Fast Facts

Established: 1998

Colors: Navy Blue & Gold Mascot: Panthers

Motto: Guided by the past, building for the future, the tradition begins.


Class of 2020 6-sem final GPA Distribution

(Senior class size: 850)

Top 10%: 103.97 to 98.31

First Quarter: 103.97 to 94.73

Second Quarter: 94.68 to 89.97

Third Quarter: 89.95 to 84.30

Fourth Quarter: 84.26 and below


Hispanic: 59.93%

White: 30.9%

African American: 3.52%

Asian/Pacific Islander: 2.5%

Two or more races: 2.98%

Am Indian/Alaskan Native: <1%


Class of 2019 Postsecondary plans

48%- 4-year college/university.

37%- Plan to attend a 2-year college.

12%- Plan to join the military or attend a trade/technical school.


AP Summary: 2019

# of Students taking AP Tests: 971

# of tests with scores 3 or higher: 1200

# of Tests taken in 2019: 2075

% of scores 3 or higher in 2019: 57.83%


AP Scholars: 136

AP Scholars with Honor: 50 AP Scholars with Distinction: 70

National AP Scholars: 11


2019 National Merit Competition

National Merit Recognition: 8 National Merit Hispanic Recognition: 16