Agriculture Courses

At O'Connor High School we have more than thirty course offerings.  Listed below are a sample of just a few.  

Options for Freshmen

Principles of Agriculture & Natural Resources (9-12)
Principles of Agriculture & Natural Resources Honors (9-12)

Options for Sophmores, Juniors and Seniors

Professional Standards in Agriculture* (10-12) (1/2 Credit)
Professional Communications* (10-12) (1/2 Credit) - Speech Credit
Agribusiness Management & Marketing* (10-12)
Wildlife Fisheries & Ecology Management* (10-12)
Equine Science* (10-12)
Livestock Production* (10-12)
Principles of Floral Design* (10-12) Fine Arts Credit
Horticulture Science* (10-12)
Agriculture Mechanics and Metal Technology* (10-12)

Options for Juniors and Seniors

Agriculture Facilities Design and Fabrication* (11-12)
Agriculture Power Systems* (11-12)

Practicum in Agriculture* 1 Hour (11-12) Teacher approval required
Practicum in Agriculture* 2 Hour (11-12) Teacher approval required

Options for Seniors Only

Advanced Plant and Soil Science* (12) Senior Science Elective
Advanced Animal Science* (12) Senior Science Elective

(*) Denotes prerequisite of Principles of Agriculture and Natural Resources.