I am Transportation Proud


...because we safely transport 65,000 students to and from school daily.

...because our employees see the students at the beginning of their day and are the last ones to see them at the end of the day.

...because our employees create a positive impact upon our passengers.

...because we create enthusiasm for our students and schools by transporting them to extracurricular activities.

...because we operate from five strategically located facilities.

...because we are the first school district in Texas to operate our buses using propane fuel.

...because propane is much more cost effective and environmentally friendly.  

...because we have 1000 employees dedicated to the safe transportation of our students.

...because the department uses more than 900 school buses and other vehicles daily.

...because we are one of the first school districts to offer some 40 hour bus driver and bus assistant schedules to better meet their needs.

...because we feel that we have the best, dedicated, safe and trained driving staff.

...because we operate the fourth largest school bus fleet in Texas.

...because our maintenance, buildings, and buses are environmentally friendly.

...because we recycle tires, metal, and oil from our fleet of more than 900 buses.

...because all of our bus drivers and assistants are certified in CPR, first aid, and Nonviolent Crisis Intervention.

...because our training program is recognized and modeled by other school districts.

...because 100% of our fleet is equipped with digital surveillance and GPS.

...because customer service is a priority for us.

...because all our drivers must pass fingerprinting, drug screen, and criminal and motor vehicle record check.

...because we also transport infants whose parents are enrolled in the School Age Parenting Program.

...because our buses, due to excellent maintenance, have a service lifetime of 15 years.

...because our support staff are dedicated to the success of our driving teams.