Jay cadet earns his wings

September 11, 2015

Adam Forbes, TX-782 Senior and Corps Commander for the Jay HS AFJROTC, earned his wings through the highly competitive Cadet Flight Incentive Program (CFIP). This program is open to all high school students enrolled in a JROTC program in San Antonio, and who have the desire to fly in their future. The selection process is very arduous and only the top four candidates in San Antonio are selected.  

Cadet Colonel Forbes met the interview board along with 36 other top cadets and was selected as one of four to go through a three day “ground course” followed by two and a half weeks of flight training or 10.2 hours of actual flight time.

The course culminated with Cadet Colonel Forbes “soloing” for his final flight in front of his flight instructors, peers, and parents.

He and his fellow CFIP graduates were recently recognized for his accomplishments by the Order of the Daedalians, a prestigious organization of pilots and aviators from all branches of the United States Armed Forces.