Stay informed about your Northside schools

August 12, 2014

While one-on-one communication is the best, in a District as large as Northside ISD it is sometimes difficult. Because we want our parents to stay informed, NISD has several ways that parents and other interested citizens can stay informed about the successes and challenges of San Antonio’s premier school district, as well as news about their children’s schools.

Stay in touch by using any of these tools to stay informed, in addition to email and phone calls.

·         SchoolMessenger sends text message, email, and voice mail alerts to parents who sign up for an account. Alerts come from students’ schools or from the District.

·         Facebook provides a variety of updates, including important announcements, emergency information, upcoming events, student achievements, links to news stories about Northside ISD, and photos of school activities.

·         Twitter posts short messages about important news and events in the District.

·         YouTube includes a variety of informational and promotional videos about Northside’s educational programs, schools, staff members, students, challenges, and successes.

·         Friends of Northside sends email announcements with links to the District’s weekly newsletter, summaries of Board of Trustee meetings, and other important news.

·         Parent Connection is a secure website that allows parents access to their children’s current and historical grades, attendance records, and standardized test results. Parents can also make online payments for meal accounts.