Hazardous weather training offered by NISD Police and National Weather Service

March 19, 2014

On Saturday, March 22 the Northside ISD Police Department and the National Weather Service will conduct a SKYWARN training session in the Stevens High School auditorium from 9 a.m. to approximately 12 p.m. Stevens High School is located at 600 Ellison North.

SKYWARN is a volunteer training course that teaches participants how to identify and respond to hazardous weather situations. There are almost 290,000 SKYWARN spotters in the United States.

SKYWARN spotters are able to detect impending major weather events by looking at developing cloud formations and then make the proper notifications to authorities.

The training session will cover:

  • Basics of thunderstorm development
  • Fundamentals of storm structure
  • Identifying potential severe weather features
  • Information to report and how to report
  • Basic severe weather safety

Timely notifications can save lives by allowing people to take shelter in severe weather situations.

This event is free and open to the public. 

For more information, visit the SKYWARN website or contact Northside Police Sergeant Bryan Camp at 397-5674.