Quick thinking saves Behlau classroom

June 25, 2013

Two alert Behlau Elementary School employees are local heroes as a bad situation could’ve turned immensely worse if not for their quick thinking.

A fifth grade classroom across the hall from Math Specialist Jeremy Day’s classroom was left unattended when a hotplate caught on fire. As Jeremy ran into the room to unplug the hotplate (amazingly not even singing the hairs on his arm), Head Custodian Angela Salazar grabbed a fire extinguisher and put out the flames before they could do a lot of damage. Angela inhaled some smoke and was treated by EMS on campus, but other than that, no one was injured.

During the event, the fire alarm was pulled by fourth grade teacher Ashley Malott, and the school was evacuated.

The quick thinking of Jeremy and Angela resulted in minimal damage to the school and no serious injuries to students or staff. 

The pair was recognized by the Board at their June 25 Board meeting.