Lulu Mendez

December 14, 2012


Lulu Mendez, an ESL Instructional Support Teacher in the Bilingual ESL Department, went out to lunch with co-workers at a local Bill Miller’s when an elderly woman at the table next to them began choking. Lulu jumped into action and began administering the Heimlich Maneuver.

She tried several times but the lady kept having trouble breathing. Another man in the restaurant got involved and suggested that they have her stand up. After several other unsuccessful tries, Lulu was able to try one more time, and a big chunk of meat was finally dislodged and the lady was able to breathe again.

The lady repeatedly said “Thank you Jesus and Thank you ma’am,” while 911 was called.

And with that, her lunch half-hour was over and she left to go back to work, but she certainly made a lifelong impact on a stranger. Since she had to leave before the ambulance arrived, they are not sure who the lady was or what the final outcome was, but as her colleagues with her reported, “the restaurant was packed with people, and Lulu was the one who jumped up to help.”