School nurses save lives of student and father

August 26, 2011

Late last school year, in two separate incidents, the expertise and poise of two NISD school nurses saved the lives of a student and a father.

In May, a sophomore at Warren HS was preparing to take an Advanced Placement test when he appeared to have a seizure. Within three minutes, school nurse Donna Schmidt was on the scene. The young man was not breathing and had no pulse. Using the AED machine and administering CPR for almost seven minutes, she was able to literally bring him back to life. Once transported to the hospital, the lead doctor asked for a video of what happened and lauded the performance by Mrs. Schmidt for her expertise and calmness in a time of potential tragedy. The student's family and the Warren community consider her a hero for saving this student's life.

And, Loretta Cepis, the nurse at Clark HS, sprung into action when the father of two current Clark HS students (and two Clark HS graduates) suffered a major heart attack while in the office area. Using both the AED and CPR, she was able to revive him and keep him reactive until paramedics arrived. Once again, a school nurse was able to turn a potential tragedy, into a life-saving moment.