Stevens HS yearbook and newspaper receive All American rating

October 6, 2010

Both the 2009-2010 Stevens yearbook, Tradition, and the school newspaper, The Talon, have received the All American rating from the National Scholastic Press Association. The yearbook staff earned 4,125 points out of a possible 4,500 and received four of five marks of distinction, including Concept/Essentials, Coverage, Design, and Photography for the 2010 yearbook entitled, "Whatayear." To qualify for "All American," yearbooks must earn at least 3,700 points and four or five marks of distinction.

"The 2010 Tradition reflected the work of a diligent, dedicated and creative adviser and staff," NSPA judge Mona Fortini said. "[Their] strengths include coverage of a variety of topics, interviewing techniques and publication organization."

The Staff of the Stevens campus newspaper earned 3,850 points of a possible 4,100 points and earned four of five marks of distinction, including Coverage/Content, Writing/Editing, Photos/Art/Graphics, and Layout/Design. The newspaper "All American" rating requires 3,200 points or more and four or five marks of distinction.

"The Talon does what a good newspaper should: It reflects the diversity of its community, highlights achievements, points out shortcomings and offers solutions," the evaluating judge wrote. "The emphasis on design engages young readers with a lively product focused almost exclusively on them and their concerns. Reporting is positive but fair, and it follows professional standards."

Yearbook staff members* include:

  • Emily Rodriguez, assistant editor
  • Maria Estrello, Design editor
  • Jillian Price, Student Life editor
  • Tia Jackson, Academics editor
  • Brittney Lopez, Clubs & Organizations editor
  • Cierra Cooper, Co-Portraits editor
  • Stephanie Ybarra, Co-Portraits editor
  • Jourdain Bocanegra, Co-Sports editor
  • Ashlee Hadley, Co-Sports editor
  • Morgan Ford, Index editor
  • Belinda Hernandez, Photography editor
  • Jeremy Barnes, Photography editor
  • Kaitlynn Ellis, FERPA editor
  • Shelby Peterson, FERPA editor
  • Lupita Jimenez, Staff Member

*Editor-in-chief Joyce Isleta is now an engineering student at the University of Texas at Austin.

Newspaper staff members* include:

  • Michael Mesa, Editorial editor
  • Rachelle Puente, Co-Sports editor
  • Vincent Duron, Co-Sports editor
  • Phillip Flores, Feature editor
  • Maurice Bell, reporter
  • Patrick Harris, reporter
  • Melissa Moore, columnist
  • Dexia Smith, reporter

*Editor-in-chief Mariel Pachecano is now a student at UTSA, majoring in elementary education.

Publications adviser is Christine Keyser-Fanick.