Six Flags Fiesta Texas Discounted Tickets

Six flags tickets - $40!

Once again we are partnering with Six Flags Fiesta Texas to offer a deeply discounted one-day ticket. The ticket is $40 and is valid during the 2019 season including the Fall and Winter events. Anyone can purchase the ticket. Through June, we have multiple locations to purchase tickets. All transactions are cash only except for NLC, 6632 Bandera, Bldg. A where debit or credit cards can be used. 

More than 80 campuses are sellling tickets this year. 

You can also purchase tickets from the following sites as well:

NISD Central Office

5900 Evers Road, Bldg. B

Nortside Learning Center

6632 Bandera Bldgs. A & B

Bldg. A accepts credit and debit cards

Kelly Smith Tech Center

5734 Farinon Road 

Learn more about upgrading your ticket to a season pass. 

Missed us in the office? It's OK, we've still have a deal for you. Purchse your discounted ticket through our online store. Tax will be applied to your purchase. 

Special Ticket Link:
Password: (Password is Numeric & Case Sensitive)