Prevent Summer Brain Drain

Don't get summer brain drain!  Ideas for Summer Learning

Self-Help & Independence:

  • Practice tying shoes
  • Learn your home phone number
  • Learn your student ID number for school

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  • Practice counting on from any given number to 100
  • Skipcountby100by5s&10s,to20by2s
  • Practice counting backwards from 20
  • Practice Addition and Subtraction
  • Work in math workbook sent home by teacher


  • Write a letter to a friend or relative
  • Write a Summer Vacation story
  • Create a summer scrapbook, write a sentence for each page
  • Rewrite the ending of a story
  • Use sight words to write sentences (see list sent by teacher)


  • Read to your child & discuss the story.
  • Check out books your child can help read at the public library.
  • Fill out reading logs for books you read from HEB, Barnes & Noble and the SA Public library to receive reading rewards.
  • Record reading on May Elementary reading log to show next year’s teacher how great you are!
  • Practice sight words (see list sent by teacher)
  • Work in Journeys workbooks sent home by teacher


  • Observe the night sky over time. Draw & write about your observations of the moon’s changes.
  • Observe a yard or garden habitat. Look for insects, animals, plants & their basic needs.
  • Write & draw about your observations.
  • Create insects or animals out of items from your recycling bin.



Smart Phone Apps:

  • Teach Me Kindergarten & Teach Me 1st grade for the Iphone
  • Math Facts for the Iphone
  • Starfall
  • Spelling City
  • Math Cards – Eng & Sp
  • Math Dots
  • Activity Books for children going from Kindergarten to 1st grade are available at Barnes & Noble for $6.00-$16.00.
  • Check the following for activities for parents & kids to play and learn together:
  • KLRN “Play & Learn” groups – Call 210-270-9000 for times & locations
  • Home Depot – Free Parent/Kids’ Workshops – first Saturday of every month
  • Lowe’s – Parent/Kid building workshop every Saturday at 10:00am
  • San Antonio Public Library – Story Hours & Presentations –
  • call your local library for details

    Here are some great activites for you to do during the summer!