I am Meadow Village Proud


It’s a great school with good people and awesome goals. –Sergio Murtado & Jaqueline Cruz

Of all the awesome, caring Staff & Teachers! – Sylvia Ingle

My child enjoys being at school. – Tanya Rivera

This is the 3rd Generation of my family attending Meadow Village.  My brothers, my children, and my grandchildren. – Dalia Tamez

I’m new to this school and I like it and my teacher is nice – Madison G.

When you get to a new grade they don’t teach us the same thing. I like my teachers! - Layla Hayes

We have exciting books! – Frederick M.

We get to have computers and a Bobcat store. – Julissa W.

I like Meadow Village because, I get to learn and that’s all I care about. – Scarlett

I get to have the best teachers and principals ever! I get to wear whatever I want to school and I like the decorations.  – Mireya D.

I have had the best teachers from Kinder through fourth. – Mari

I feel supported by my team as a first year teacher! – Kathryn McKinney

We take care of our kids. Children are first. We have very professional Teachers and Administrators. – Miriam Marroquin

We make a difference! – Elizabeth Roque

I was a title one student growing up. I understand the struggles our kids face. My heart is at MVE! – Belinda Bower

We work together to make the future brighter for our students. – Angela Tezel

I have the opportunity to be a part of a team that truly supports students in learning and achieving their goals. – Stephanie Anderson

I work with a team dedicated to finding additional resources to benefit student success. – Christiana Ennis

I used to get bussed to MVE for GT classes and now I am giving back as a teacher! – Melissa Garza