Your Child's Academic Future & Health

Your Child's Academic Future & Healthy Behavior
  •  What your child does online today will affect their academic future.  Colleges are now checking online for a student's history of actions (digital footprints) and this trend is only growing.  Over 30% of college admissions surveyed in 2013 checked out the digital footprint of their applicants.  Read the full article and study results here: TeenLife

  • Review with your child these basic guidelines for positive online conductCommonSense
  • Studies are showing that it is harmful to both body and mind to spend too much time facing a screen.  Create a schedule for appropriate times and duration for technology use.  Post this schedule in conspicuous areas such as near the computer.
  • Establish a 'Time off of Tech" (TOT) day each week for all family members to not be on devices or computers.  This will free up time for quality family time playing board games, going outdoors, reading, etc.
  • Help model proper posture and body alignment while on the computer or watching T.V. for your child.

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  • Talk with your child about ethical and lawful actions such as being aware of copyright and giving others credit for their work/photos/music.