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What is your bias?  Are you familiar with or conscious of your biases?

We all have biases.  Studies show tha many of our biases as our thoughts and beliefs are subconscious or unconscious. 

Unconscious or cognitive bias -“our tendency to filter information, process facts and arrive at judgments based on our past experiences, likes/dislikes and automatic influences.”   -
Tversky & Kahneman

Studies show we begin to develop our biases at an early age and these subconscious or unconscious negative attitudes have real world consequences. (Dore, 2014 & Dasgupta, 2004)

Getting conscious of our biases is the beginning to liberation.  Get started by checking out a full list of biases here.



Not only are we unaware of many of our biases we are also unaware of many of our assumptions and beliefs.

Assume - to think or believe something is true without evidence


"People assume too quick. Instead of assuming, take the time off to acutally look for the truth. 
Most of the time assumptions lead to lies." 
-Christian Ortiz


Let go of assumptions.  Simply ask or seek clarification instead.



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