Digital Citizenship: Tips & Various Resources

Beyond the Curriculum: Archived Webinars
Great archive of videos on various topics and projects such as: Social Media, How to teach Copyright & Fair Use to the Remix Generation and many more!
Quick Tips for Teachers
Uncomfortable about talking to a student about sexting or other internet issues?  Quick 5 min. or less videos on various issues you may encounter in the classroom such as: Sexting, Digital Drama, Cyber incidences, etc.
Interactive Adventure 
Grades 6th-9th
Digital Compass
Teens Learn from Teens
Grades 7th-12th
Digital Bytes
Students learn about advertising tricks & bogus offers & about supply & demand & more!
Federal Trade Commission


Bloggers' Rights

What are your rights for Blogging?  Richard Byrne of FreeTechnology4Teachers has lots of advice here:



Where are your creations on the internet?

What are people doing with your creation?

You can use Google Alerts.  Here is a video by Richard Byrne of FreeTech4Teachers: