Change in Traffic Pattern Coming Soon!

Due to numerous traffic complaints reported to Central Office, our District Safety Officer and NISD police came out to observe the traffic situation on several occasions last semester.  One concern they noted was observing our coaches stop traffic on Wildhorse to let cars out of the driveway.  Over the years, our coaching staff and crossing guard have tried to assist drivers by directing traffic; especially those cars trying to turn left out of the front driveway.  We have been told that we can no longer direct traffic.  Instead, we will be going to a "right-turn only" pattern out of the front driveway.  This change will allow drivers to turn right out of the driveway without any staff assistance.  This change will go into effect later this month.  Mrs. Belko will send out a School Messenger call when the exact date of the change is known.  As always we appreciate your support!