TB Awareness Information Meeting


December 4, 2019


Dear Parents,


Northside Independent School District (NISD) and John Jay High School and Science & Engineering Academy were notified by the San Antonio Metropolitan Health District (Metro Health) that one individual on the campus tested positive for tuberculosis (TB) and that some students and staff may have potentially been exposed.  


The individual is currently off-campus, in stable condition, and will not return to school until no longer infectious. Metro Health is working to identify students and staff who may have been potentially exposed. These individuals will be screened as a precautionary measure.  


Parents of students identified as being potentially exposed will be contacted by letter from the San Antonio Metro Health. If you do not receive a letter from Metro Health, then your child was not potentially exposed. However, we want to ensure that all parents of students at John Jay High School and Science & Engineering Academy are informed. 


Tuberculosis is an illness caused by bacteria resulting in infection that typically affects the lungs. Information from the American Pulmonary Association states, “It is not easy to contract an infection of tuberculosis.” Usually, a person must have close contact with the infected person for a substantial length of time.  Casual and limited contact with a person with active TB is not enough for someone to pass it on to others. Tuberculosis infection and disease can be cured with medication.


NISD, John Jay High School and Science & Engineering Academy will work closely with Metro Health to facilitate the TB screening. For those individuals potentially exposed, it is very important that they participate in this tuberculosis investigation.


We are hosting an informational community meeting to answer questions and explain procedures on Thursday, December 5th, 6:00 p.m. in the John Jay High School Auditorium.  Our employees were provided this information this morning.  


For more information, contact the San Antonio Metropolitan Health District Chest Clinic at (210) 207-8823.


John Jay TB Awareness Information Meeting

John Jay TB Awarenes Information Meeting Spanish

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